Welcome to Biz Chat Services!  Immediate chat ability for your websites to allow you live chat with your clients and prospects.  Accessible by you or your employees via Website, mobile, and any computer of your choiceYou will not find anything better for lower cost.  Ask for free trial.

With Biz Chat Services, you can get live chat to handle your Support, Sales, Billing and other client/prospect inquires.  For any website, hosted anywhereFull site hosting included too (optional to use).  Increase sales now, fast, and with little effort. 

You can have Unlimited Agents/Users.  You get unmetered usage, and can be used with unlimited sites.  You get the full hosting of the chat services, email notifications, instant alerts, SMS/MMS (text messages), web portals, mobile usageSo much, much more!  You can chat with multiple prospects/clients simultaneously on the same window while each prospect/client only sees you or your agent according to your settings.  You can have multiple agents join on the same chat.  Automatic timed and/or manual chat invitations to site visitors.

We can give you a free domain to use with it, or you can make use of your own domain name, or a sub-domain of your own domain.  We setup the needed DNS for you and can make any situation work.  Just tell us what you want to accomplish, and we have a solution for you and your business.  Backed by a hosting company that has been providing excellent and global services for almost 15 years and known for being one of the best in the world.

Additional options exist if you want us to provide the agents and handle all your chat interactions.  As we said, you can have as many agents/users as you want.  Limitation of the hosting service will apply, and that has never been a problem, since the hosting account you get along with it gets way way way more disk space, traffic, processors, inodes, and such things beyond the needs for your chat install and usage.  In fact everything you need to operate a complete website and business is included.  Included, regardless if you use them or not, are email services, instant websites, sitebuilders, templates, databases, spam protection, firewalls, data protection, and more.  

Things are even backed up once a week for you as part of the service.  You are also able to make full complete backups at anytime and download them.  The chat installs will also work at any other hosting company if you ever choose to leave. 

We do not take ownership of the content or installs.  The installs are done with software that are given free and you are responsible to customize it with your own titles, department names, links, colors that are done via web portal clicks and menus for easy setup by you.  You can also ask us to customize a chat look and configure it for a small cost.  We have selected the chat software that we feel will benefit you the best and most cost effectively, but we will install almost any chat software that you want, as long as it is easy to install on our servers; just ask.  Depending on an alternative chat software you choose, it may have agent/user and usage limitations other than the unmetered/unlimited we provide by default.  We have a list of chats softwares you can make use of; contact us and we will share that information.

Call us during our Sales hours of 9AM-6PM, Monday-Friday, or 10AM-6PM, Saturday-Sunday, Pacific Time, or chat with us if our Sales Chat is manned with a sales agent.  Depending on the type of device or computer and screen you are accessing this website with, our contact phone number is displayed either on the right pane or at the bottom.

So what's the cost for all of this?  $1 a month.  Yes, that's correct, for a mere $12 a year, which is only $1 a month cost (15 day money back guarantee) and a one time nonrefundable $15 setup (Promotional reduction down from $85) you can have the live chat your website and business needs.  You do not even need a domain name or website to try it now.  Contact us now and find out how.